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JUPITER, FL – February 26, 2018 – Sunny blue skies, sandy beaches, and the spray of the sea: The lifestyle that characterizes Jupiter brings about some truly unique residences. But that uniqueness, in great part, is truly found inside of the following one-of-a-kind Jupiter, FL home. And who’s behind that?

InJupiter pulled back the curtain and went right to the source. We spent the day with recognized interior designer Lisa Peterson. She and designer Melanie Hayes are currently dressing up the interior of the palatial estate that sits on a beautiful lagoon accessing the Intracoastal Waterway and simultaneously overlooks the green turf dunes of the golf course inside luxurious Admirals Cove. We just had to take a peek inside.

As you open the door, the entranceway boasts extensive wood grid paneling throughout the area and up the winding staircase. On the ceiling of the entrance hangs a magnificent Ralph Lauren crystal chandelier that Lisa specifically selected and designed into the home. Against the grid wall, there is an antique drapery console table that sits below an 1800s French mirror, and Ralph Lauren sconces hang on each side to match the chandelier. The table itself is adorned with arrangements of hydrangeas. As far as color tones go, Lisa devised a unique palette that was specific to the client and exclusive to the environment.

“We chose tones of grey, yellow, and blush—which are very popular colors this year,” Lisa points out. “We want it to be French with a touch of Florida glamour.”

While Lisa’s design shifts with every project to cater to her customer’s preferences, she does carry a certain style she claims to be her own. Well, a mixture of styles, anyway.

“Three words come to mind: Clean, fresh, and current,” Lisa highlights. “I specialize in coastal living retreats—that ‘barefoot dream’ type of house where you walk in and you’re very relaxed and comfortable. I like the home to retain a classic feel.”

Lisa and the design team at Pineapples, Palms, Etc. have a reputation for exquisite design—and a simple visit to Pineapples, Palms, Etc. reflects just that. The Jupiter-based store showcases the majority of the furniture, art, and decor that she incorporates into her home designs.

“Our offerings are meant for several different settings,” Lisa conveys. “People that know us, know our design, and know our products know that they can come into the store and walk away with any look they want and fill their homes with everything they need.”

Of course, we had to see this for ourselves, so we made our way from Admirals Cove to Pineapple, Palms. Etc. While browsing through it, we couldn’t help but notice that it completely validates the way Lisa’s mind works with a soothing fluency where one would be hard-pressed to find a more equivalent representation of the very comfort and relaxation that her signature design exudes.

“The store is a reflection of laid-back coastal living,” Lisa grinningly says. “We often get comments like ‘We want to live in your store’ or ‘Can I just stay here?’ They just find it so comfortable and inviting and our customer service is bar-none. It’s definitely become a one-of-a-kind spot.”

Lisa affirms that some of those comments have come directly from their recurrent customer base, which includes noted celebrities and athletes, who seemingly can’t get enough of the store and its contents.

Pineapples, Palms, Etc. is the brainchild of both Lisa and her sister Shelly Bascetta; they have been partners for 20 years and running. Lisa is the designer, while Shelly holds the reins of the store and oversees its dynamic business aspect.

“She is the heavyweight around here, and keeps the store running; she’s the boss,” Lisa says.

Together, they’ve experienced the kind of growth that most people envy from day one.

“When we opened in 2001, there was a line out the door and we sold out all our merchandise in our first week,” Shelly chimes in. “Since then, we’ve expanded the footprint of our store in all different directions. Now, it’s got to the point where we are going to have to wait until someone moves out of the plaza or gives up their space before we can expand again.”

Lisa and Shelly both agree that without the rest of the “Pineapple Girls,” the store would not have reached its current level of success.

“Most of the girls have been with us from the beginning,” Shelly adds.

Also contributing to the success of Pineapples, Palms, Etc. is Pineapples, Palms, Too – their website and online store. Through it, Lisa, Shelly, and website partner, Cindy Larschan, are currently able to ship their hard-to-find products to customers nationwide—and then lend their design expertise to complete their client’s vision, and give them a space they will love.

But aside from a reputable decor prowess and the revered store and its thriving online component, Lisa stresses that the strongest suit she possesses is having an eye for fresh design trends, which allows her to consistently stay ahead of the game.

“I always want to be on the cutting-edge of the hottest, newest thing in home fashion,” Lisa concludes.

For more information, visit www.pineapplespalms.com.